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Stained Glass Suncatcher

Suncatcher meaning

One of the most famous art objects in America and Europe is a glass suncatcher.
Colorful glasses and beads of different sizes “catch” the rays of the sun, refract them, and reflect in the form of sun twinkle from the surfaces. Even with artificial lighting, the suncatcher looks beautiful – the rays of light dance and shimmer, decorating your interior, and this play of light can be admired endlessly.

Initially, the suncatcher was created to protect the house from otherworldly forces and evil. The warm, bright rays coming from the suncatcher fell on the dwelling’s doors and windows, and people believed that no harm would ever come to such a bright house.
And they were also used by Scandinavian navigators to search for the sun in the sky on a cloudy day. The small glass blocks collected the sunlight, even if the sun was behind the clouds.

In the modern world, the purpose of the suncatcher has greatly expanded.
It can be just a successful object that directly asks for your interior and carries a purely decorative function that suits you in shape and color.
And it can carry an informational message through symbolism. And some also have a sacred function.
I’ll try to explain.

Take for example: suncatcher koi fish

It is suitable for people who want to attract appropriate energies into the house spaces through the symbolism of the image. According to Feng Shui’s teachings, the koi symbol helps those who achieve their goals, despite obstacles and difficulties.

Two carp are considered a symbol of a happy marriage.

A picture or figure with their image can give the newlyweds harmony in relationships and happiness in marriage.

Such an amulet is placed in the appropriate sector of the apartment. A couple of carp can be hung or placed near the marital bed in the bedroom.

You can see how you can decorate the interior, and bring symbolism to it.

two koi carp suncatcher

Perhaps you are looking for an interesting and unusual gift for people close to you. Our store has a large selection of sun catchers and stained glass patterns. According to any of our patterns, we can create a suncatcher for you, or we can completely develop it for you.

What do suncatchers do?

The main function of the suncatcher is decoration.
Decoration of the interior of space if you place it on the street.
The variety of suncatchers is amazing. These are bright beads, crafts made of epoxy resin, faceted glass crystals, and stained glass windows created from natural coloured glass. If we talk about glass suncatchers, they are perfect for the thematic design.
Using the Tiffany stained glass technique can collect various subjects from pieces of colored glass.

For example, suncatchers are trendy birds, and even in seven US states, the red cardinal bird is chosen as the official symbol.
Making stained glass windows with a red cardinal is very fashionable. People want to have this beautiful bird, to admire it on their window or in the garden.
Also, the flower theme in suncatcher is prevalent.
The flowers themselves are beautiful and embodied in the stained glass and hung on the window cause a wow effect.

How do suncatchers work

For the suncatcher to work, it needs sunlight. The sun, passing through the colored glass of the stained glass window, fills it with life, creating a whimsical play of light.

Most often, the Suncatcher is hung on the window, it is believed that it does not allow negative energy to penetrate through the windows. And if you place it in a garden or gazebo, it will attract good weather. The main thing is that sunlight passes through it. By refracting the light and casting the rays of the sun around it, it brings beauty and a positive mood to your home, filling your heart with joy.

Where to buy suncatchers

It is best to buy suncatchers from trusted craftsmen who have long been engaged in stained glass art, have extensive experience and monitor the quality of their products.

Works made on an industrial scale have a low price, but such products’ quality will sadden you when you get them on hand.
Saving on the materials used, and assembling them with unskilled labour, does not allow you to spend time on the final product.
In our store, you will find many options for the suncatcher made of stained glass.

A professional artist, a professional stained glass master, a family workshop, a result-oriented work, this is all so that you can always choose your own special stained glass suncatcher that will reflect your home and your inner world!

Have you found a stained glass window to your heart’s content? We will make a personal suncatcher for you. Write me an email at what kind of suncatcher do you need? What kind of symbolism do you put into it? I will be happy to answer you, and we will discuss all the details of your order.